What is Zngly?

Zngly is a no-code media platform for the creation, management and measurement of content marketing and client engagement. In a world swamped with information overload, Zngly helps firms cut through the noise and get noticed.

Suggested Content

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    Creating A Znglist

    Znglists empower users with the ability to share carefully curated selections of content both publicly and privately. Say goodbye to file attachments! Whether it’s a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, a Spotify link, Soundcloud playlist, a PDF or even a video created on the Zngly platform itself, it can be added to a Znglist and shared.

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    Creating a Znglist: 3 Step Guide

    Read a 3-step guide on how to create a Znglist, using the Zngly Platform. Learn to create curated collections of content from across the webs' top sources, no matter the file type.